Next generation AI driven
redaction of personal &
confidential information in text

presented by Glanos

Compliant handling of documents containing private and confidential data

Across your business units &
With your external partners

Our AI platform Anonymization.Glanos automatically and robustly detects confidential and personally identifiable information using novel NLP technologies. These can be blanked out to ensure compliance with GDPR, NDAs, internal guidelines and other regulations.
Ready to use
Automate processes using our API and finetune using a dashboard.
Cutting edge accuracy
Build on years of experience. Best-in-class precision and recall for consistent and time-efficient processing.
Highly customizable
Flexible extendable configuration and premium customization services.
Made in Germany
Made and maintained in Munich by
Glanos - your reliable partner.

Anonymization is important in many areas

Passing confidential documents
Typical corporate processes involve passing confidential documents to external or internal processors (e.g. translators, auditors, consultants or subject matter experts) which may not see all information.
Cloud Services
Ensure that you can pass data to third-party cloud solutions, like AWS/Azure/Dropbox cloud storage, AI engines, machine translation etc.
GDPR / DSGVO regulated data
Secure storage is needed not only for highly confidential but also for person-related data, regulated by GDPR / DSGVO. Protect your customers' privacy.
Disclosure requirements
In many industries, legal obligations require publishing documents in anonymized form (e.g. results of bank stress tests).
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What are the regulations for anonymization?

Secure storage
Law or your contractual obligations require secure storage for highly confidential or regulated data.
Report on all PII
GDPR / DSGVO requires that businesses can report on all personally identifiable information (PII) in their data, any time, under any circumstances. Failing to detect PII can come with substantial fines (up to 20 million EUR / 4% of annual revenue).
Subject Access Requests
Any individual can send you a Subject Access Request (SAR) regarding all the personal data that you hold on them. This request needs to be answered in one month‘s time and without fees for the individual.
End of Privacy Shield
After the end of Privacy Shield, personal data must not be transferred to US-based servers. Documents need to be anonymized first.

A proper anonymization solution can do much more than reducing risks

Data Science,
Analytics & AI
Once anonymized, you can safely pass documents to internal and external Data Science and Analytics teams and thereby provide them with real and complete data. Share results across all business units. Depseudonymization allows to reinsert real names after processing.
Build partnerships
Similarly, once freed of personal data you can share data with your partners to open up previously impossible business opportunities.
Data is the new oil
Get data-monetization projects started by overcoming the initial hurdle of removing private data. Contribute to open data projects for reputation, brand visibility and the greater good.
Gain customers' trust
Comply to highest safety standards for your customers' data when business units share their data.
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What makes Anonymization.Glanos different?

Full text analysis
Most anonymization solutions are simple database counts on structured data and fail on real-life, unstructured documents.
Active research
Active collaborations with universities and unique NLP approaches for state-of-the-art AI results.
Deep text understanding
Glanos' unique NLP technology understands textual content and goes beyond just counting occurrences – it semantically analyzes unstructured text and uncovers meaning.

Intuitive Dashboard

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Upload and manage your documents
Clean-UX dashboard to upload and manage documents. Your starting point for further processing, sharing and other work-flows.
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Review and adjust results
Easy and fluent fine-tuning and end-control of processed anonymized documents
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Train the AI to your needs
Lots of configuration, fitting and other manual input supported.

Build on many
years of experience

  • All standard relevant personally identifiable information (PIIs) are detected and can be blanked out or replaced with appropriate substitutions
  • Supporting Anonymization as well as Pseudonymization i.e. reversing replacements (“de-pseudonymize”) after processing
  • API access for automation and graphical Document Viewer for testing, inspection and specific non-automatable processes
  • Providing web-based APIs and Document View – No client installation needed
  • Supporting office documents, PDFs and scanned images
  • Native document handling preserving layout

Individual approach –
highly customizable

  • Extensions to all types of confidential data are possible.
  • Lots of available settings and preconfigured scenarios available
  • Train the AI according to your needs
  • Premium service available for ultimate fitting to your needs

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